I’m so CHRISTmas AF. 

Hi. My name is LaJune and I love Christmas. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. I love everything about it, minus that mass ass text message you either send or receive. There’s always that one unknown person who chooses to respond with, “Who is this?”  You’re stupid, yo. You know good and damn well our mutual friend sent “Merry Christmas” to all 57 of us. 

My decor has been up for at least 3 weeks now. I think I want to try egg nog, again. Last time, I was 13. It tasted spoiled. It prolly was. My mama must have seen it on hella sale. I love her. When I say I love someone, I’m living a shady life and don’t want them to call and cuss me out. I’d hate to block her. Any who, I took some random photos. You’ll notice that Christmas in my house is black. Uh huh. So is Jesus. I’m working on painting my Santa. I couldn’t find Drew’s watercolors. 

Go to that hand picture, below.
Let’s get it started. Ha!

Zik, the Elf is just as shady. Can you believe he is a dark skinned, brown eyed boy?!? He is. Take a look. He woke up in Drew’s bathroom. I really hope he doesn’t scare the piss out of him. All pun. Tomorrow, he’ll wake up next to Drew. 

I also love balls so you’ll get to peek at them as well. Christmas balls. On my Christmas tree. My lights are simple. I like white. Drew and Dimi like color. Our tree alternates both. Dimi paid ppl to go our yard lights. I’m not a fan of just throwing them out there. They have to match and be perfectly placed. We visit Dalworthington Gardens every year to look at the huge homes with pretty lights. 

You also see everybody’s mood today. It was one of those. Every year, Drew donates clothing and toys to kids who don’t have his luxury. Now that he’s older, we’re going to start serving. We are too blessed not to. After all, Jesus is the reason-nah, for the season, yessss.  Oh yes, He is!!! Giving is better than receiving. 

Until next time. Enjoy your bomb ass life. You breathing, right?!? 
Photo credit: photosbyLJK, LLC

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