I want to shift gears. 

I just want to thank our Know Your Beautiful™ squad for an eventful year. I am truly a better person because of this campaign. You are all beautiful women. Inside and out. We’ve completed our last event of 2016 and I have taken away so much. 

First, I’ve learned that God will send me who I need to fulfill my vision. I don’t have to convince or manipulate any of you into “thinking” this is for you. Every detail isn’t for the public, because we do want to leave a little mystery to our campaign. We can share that we have impacted 56 new women with Know Your Beautiful™, around the US. I thank you moms for allowing your teens to join us. You have raised respectful and bright individuals. I thank our teens for allowing us to help shape you. None of you are troubled teenage girls. Each and every one of you exude a different confidence. Each of you are finding your place in this world, unapologetically. You all have stability within your homes, so you don’t need us. 

We realize that we do need you. We aren’t perfect, but some of us have lived and just want to share our experiences with you. When I’m old and grey, missing teeth and saggy boobs, I can say, “There was once a time…” or “I’m proud of who they’ve become.”
Each squad mom holds a special place in my heart. I love you all outside of KYB. You are the foundation for this campaign. I will do better with asking for help. Know that you’re all needed and worthy or everything God has in store for you. I will continue to support your dreams and businesses for as long as I am able to breathe. You have all helped me see my vision through. Alexis, Nadia, Shunta, Averi, Kia, Nikki, Shauntae, Saudiia, LaShanda and Minnie (from afar), I am forever grateful. Thank you for sticking this out with me. Thank you for taking time away from your families to lead by example. Thank your husbands, daughters and sons, please. 2017 is going to be even better. 

Jade, Karliegh and Emone, you’re graduating!! We will always be here as your support system when you need us. Even when you don’t, I’ll be bugging the life out of you. 

Always, Know Your Beautiful™. Own it. 

The Beginning

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