It’s Christmas Eve, y’all. 

…I won’t say f..k, s..t or d..n because it’s Jesus’ day eve. I just want to share my desire to be nothing but happy. I want my friends to be happy. I want us all to win. God, can you do that for those who will receive you? Can you do that for everyone that is trying to truly make it? If they have the desire to lead, let them. If they are capable of love, send it. If they need photos, let me execute their visions. 

Before I blew out that candle, I released a lot of emotions. A lot of happy, sadness, frustration, pain, and doubt. I also said hello to my family members who can’t celebrate this holiday with us. Never thought I’d get to a point where I don’t need or want anything. I am there. I have been blessed in so many ways. I can’t expect anything else. God has shown me what it’s like to follow and trust in Him. At 35, I just want to be the me, that I was supposed to be. In 2017, I won’t force anything. I will ask for help, though. Trying to do it all, leaves you tired AF (I didn’t say it). 
That’s all. 

Sweet Baby incubator Jesus, Happy Birthday! 

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