Reeces’ Pieces 

YAASSS to children and babies who enjoy themselves. How awesome is it to have a team who supports your grind?!? These images will be posted to our newly rebranded website, photosbyLJK, LLC

The end of the year was pretty freaking awesome. We got to shoot the Reece Family again. The original session had a few photos that helped us make IG history as photosbyLJK, LLC.


There were originally 3 and a belly bump. Now, we’ve had the pleasure to feature LJ with the rest of the family!!
Take a peek at some of their moments, captured! Thank you Reece Family for shooting with us, yet again.


Nikki has 2 beautiful children with a really cool husband. She has gifted hands that allure the faces of many women (including our Know Your Beautiful™ team). Allure Faces by Nikki is a Dallas, Texas Makeup Artist.

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