Cooties. The blogpost about nothing. 


I thought going to the doctor would bring me relief. Instead I got unwanted feedback over my ambien prescription, my Apple Watch possibly letting off radiation and other shit. 

Anyway, I’m in the living room. I wish I could put myself into a bubble but I can’t. I have sprays and antibacterial hand gel on hand. 


Trying to keep my lips extra conditioned. 

I’m sorry. Oprah just came on TV promoting Weight Watchers. Um. You’re rich and can afford a personal chef. That’s the first thing I’m purchasing, after I knock out all of my teeth. 

I’m back. Here’s my lip balm of choice. 

I left with no meds. Just allergy medicine. I need to gather my entire life so I can get in my New Year selfies. I knew I should have done them yesterday. It’ll be a movie night for me until I fall asleep. Maybe a few crossword puzzles. 


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