Hey, Girl, Hey! You Betta Get Over Here, 2017. 

Welp, Happy effing New Year! There’s no “S” on that shit. This has been an amazing year for me as a business owner. Contrary to how my November was, photosbyLJK, LLC grossed more than 2015. We did a few things differently this year. 

• I fasted 

• I put God first 

• I tithed 

• I said no

• I let people go after I forgave them 

When I prayed, I had everything written out. When I fasted, I had the food planned out. I prepped my closet room for prayer. I prayed over my husband, my marriage, my son, and my brother’s and friend’s health. I asked God specific questions. I was under the impression that if I asked and obeyed His word, that He’d see to it that I had a head start. 
I plan to do the same thing in 2017. I want to invite other friends to join me. Some of my focus will be centered around friendships. I want consistency rather than quantity. Likeminded women who share the same drive. A challenge for me is not to remove myself from dream killers and stagnant business owners. I’m constantly in creative mode that I can’t afford to become complacent. I understand that not all business opportunities are for me. 
Networking is major key. It’s fun to do when you’re building with people you like. I don’t believe in that whole, “You won’t work with anybody you don’t like.” The vibes I release will be reciprocated. 
Never say never. To anything. I’ll be doing many things I said no to, in 2017. Workshops, meet ups and drive-bys are on my list. 
My goal is to take way more selfies than I did in 2016, get that bomb ass body back from my 35th Birthday, and create more moments. Thank you for the love I’ve received thus far. The support, bookings, and referrals are all why I’m here today. 

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