Treat Yo Self – Stand By Me with photosbyLJK

Black Girl Magic for 2017: Pops Arbor Mist and Lambrusco. Classy, huh? Cue the  fireworks and spew the glitter and confetti.

The Stand By Me series is here! It’s for any women who have their men’s support while they make a name for themselves. YES, both of you will be featured. He may be active within your business OR he may be silent. Whatever the case, he allows you to be you. I’m here to help you build your brand! Invest in yourself. Treat yo self in 2017!!

I attended BLINK in November. My husband actually took vacation to join me. He never takes vacation. We went into business together February of 2016. He’s REAL silent, though. Anyway, I was amongst some of the coolest photographers and many of them were couples. I watched the twinkle in Regis’ eye as Kahran (Creative Soul) talked about their journey and most recent trip out of the country. As I shot Katrina and Blake (theamburgeys_photography), their love and chemistry just bled through my lens. Ike & Tash (ikeandtash) reminded me of Dimitrius and myself. I hate to use “Boss” but they are. They actually made me feel comfortable with being a “Family Business.” This legacy I’m creating for Drew is going to be one that he controls when he’s older. Many people think there’s no money in picking up a DSLR. Think again. My goal is to get my husband to go full time with me. I think Blake put a bug in his ear to get him thinking about it. Most of my Vision Board is focused on OUR business. Cyndie Spiegel told me to do something. Collaborate. I do, but no to the capacity that I should.

I have a few business women that I’d like to collaborate with. They are my friends, but business comes first with them. They are my #1 and #2 most supported set of friends. They get it. They pay. They don’t mind. They want to see me succeed and I want the same thing for them. Their husbands also LOVE the ambition these women possess. It’s that season for us all to win. Together. There’s room for all of us.

House of Merci – Shauntae Benton is our fashion stylist and Allure Faces by Nikki is our makeup artist. These two women are teaming up with photosbyLJK, LLC – Me to give leading women the best experience while building their brand. Our introductory session price is VERY REASONABLE. Prints are sold separately. This is a 30 day promotion. Contact LaJune at or 469.737.0335 for pricing or to schedule your session today. Below are photos of the trio.



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