Daniel, Get Here Fast. 

Ash, pricklies and all. This is me. Hangry.

“Honey, do we have any rice cakes in there?”
“Did you buy any?”

“No, I thought you may have picked some up.”

…. but he was with me when we purchased our meals. 

I wanted that damn Reese’s pieces cup I saw this evening. I bought it yesterday and forgot all about it. Dimi did that to me on purpose. 

This is our second year doing this. I usually don’t ask my husband what he’s fasting for. I know I won’t like his general response. So, I asked. I should not have. 🤷🏾‍♀️ 

We were told that you don’t announce when you fast. You’re not supposed to do this. You’re not supposed to do that. Guess what, I do. How can you encourage friends to join you when they don’t know what it is. WE ARE DOING THE 21 DAY DANIEL FAST. 

The purpose of the Daniel Fast is to deprive the body from eating certain foods as a way to get closer to God. Increased spiritual awareness, becoming stronger in your faith and building more spiritual stamina are also the purposes of this fast. It is also noted in Isaiah that fasting loosens the bonds of wickedness.

We bought boocoo beans and whole grain everything. Last year, we only ate veggies. That’s it. This year we know a little more. I don’t think I’ll be wanting another bean after February. 

I love cereal. I’m going to miss you. 

We’re not making Drew do everything with us.  His lil body can’t take it. I just threw away a lot of temptation though. 

Pray for us. This is us. This ain’t no tv show. 

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