Pinterest Fail. Again.

Yo! God knew what He was doing when He made me. This is not my forte. Day 2. I’ve been pinning the hell out of meals. I slaved like a mug in the kitchen for 45 minutes, cutting up veggies and things. I hate fruit and made a banana death shake this morning. Dimi drank 2 16 oz glasses of it. HAHAHAHA I maybe had 12 oz. My photo doesn’t look anything like the pin but you best believe it tastes good. It’s a bit on the runny side but whatev.  I cheat with my herbs. I don’t buy them all fresh. I don’t have to explain that, though. Y’all know my life. I just snacked on a strawberry. I can’t bring myself to have one of those nasty ass rice cakes. The last time I bought one was when I received a $20 allowance.


One full day of fasting and I was feeling myself, until I tried on a pair of my older jeans. Chile…. 20 more days. I hope your 21 days are going smoothly. I can’t complain too bad. I still have food to eat.

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