The Hayes Family be OWT!! 

I always try to say something about the family when it’s time to blog their session. This family, I really can’t. Conflict of interest. It’s my brother!! Almost every circumstance with him is inappropriate. I will say, you learn to leave family at the dinner table when you’re a small business owner with something to offer. Somebody will always want too much of something. When you say no, shit changes. Slowly the support turns to envy. After a while, you just throw your hands up.

My brother and seester show support for me like no other. It’s because of their engagement photos that I’m mostly referral based. They will always see to it that their 479,337,890 combined Facebook friends will see my work. They don’t have to choose me to take their photos. Actually, they could very well go to a mega department store to have their “pictures” taken.

Maybe, Isaac and Averi have heard my kitchen table talk about “pictures” OR they actually believe that I’m a really good photographer with stellar business practices. Whatever the case, I appreciate them for not going the easy way out.

I love shooting them because they give me what I give back. 100%. My nephew is so polite, while my niece is all over the place. Averi is just a natural on camera, in the natural. She’s on the Know Your Beautiful™ Austin Squad. Isaac, does what I need him to do without any pushback. The Hayeses allow me to do my thing. All of their photos have been taken on their neighborhood block or in their home.

Shooting family is a choice. Doing business with family is a choice. This was the livest family shoot of the year. We share the same DNA. It’s a given.

They’ve even reviewed my services below.

“LaJune King is a Phenomenal Woman. A woman of integrity, with an uplifting spirit. Her light shines bright, even through the darkest of days! Our experiences with LaJune and PhotosByLJK have been amazing – she is prompt (not only to shoots, but in editing and providing prints) and somehow brings even the most drab spaces to life with the click of the camera! She will bring the model within you to LIFE! In searching for the whole experience – customer service, quality, time and patience – PhotosByLJK is where it all is! You won’t regret a single moment! She takes bad ass pics!” 

Please see them candidly.

photosbyLJK, LLC Facebook

photosbyLJK – Instagram

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