A letter from Drew King 

“I love my mommy and daddy. And I like about them ……. (thinking). I like mommy because she takes pictures of people. My daddy works hard and what I like the most about my mommy and daddy is them being with me. That’s it for now.” – Drew King


“It’s the small things that make you appreciative. And for me, I truly appreciate my wife and son. We enjoy every moment together and each moment creates a lasting memory. This year we captured those in our own setting and it could not have been more fun. I always read you have to search for treasure…I don’t, as mine is right here with me.” – Dimitrius King


Awwwww! My Kings. I love them. We totally did something different this year! We set up in our garage and snapped away. The guys wasted space as usual but we surely enjoyed ourselves. Aside from our miscarriage as a family, we had a great freaking year. We found our home in Frisco, Texas. Dimitrius got a promotion, and LaJune had the best year yet, as a small business woman.



We’re sharing with you, photos that didn’t make the End Year 2016 – Welcome to 2017 Card. Others will be uploaded to photosbyLJK, LLC during our relaunch.

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