Buck -A-Pound Fundraiser 

You know what is the entire devil?!? Those freaking Kroger brownies. Hell, HEB has them as well. I love taking pictures but I don’t photoshop anyone. Not even myself. 

We’ve decided to hold each other accountable for the moth of February. 

I’m sticking to the fact that the fast we did was so out of whack. That was supposed to be my motivation to move into this fundraiser. Nope. Nurp. Didn’t happen. I’ve lost 8.4 since the start of the year, though. 

I’m about to accept the expansion of my body here shortly. There’s a pack of assorted cookies and 1 box of brownies left, just sitting on my stove, feeling neglected. I might have anyone before the night is over. 

Tomorrow is a new day. Chile, I will be foine(r) by June. If you want to help us raise money to go towards the Know Your Beautiful™ teens, please join us. You can read about us here: Know Your Beautiful™ WEC

Set a goal weight for the month. 

Donate $1 per lb lost. 

Donate $2 per lb gained. 

Pretty simple. 

Comment below if interested. You can do this from anywhere. 

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