Know YOUR Beautiful™

Some days, you may wake up feeling like shit. Maybe someone you know has shot your confidence level down to nothing. Other days, the world can’t touch you. Everybody is celebrating you for some reason or another. No matter which one of these days, I personally face, I choose to keep moving. I know my purpose and why I get up every single day. I know why I bust my ass every single day. Because, it’s a choice. I choose to live. I choose to use my voice to encourage others to live with me. God is going to redirect us to a lot of experiences. Good and Bad. Just make the most of the situation. Know YOUR Beautiful™ serves a purpose in my life every single day. Even when I don’t know it. I OWN the best and the worst of me. And as long as I know that, I’ll be fine.

To the plus-sized woman, I’m considered skinny.
To the skinny woman, I’m considered thick.
To the thick woman, I’m not thick enough.
…but to ME, flaws and all, I’m just right!”

— LaJune King

Much love and respect to the woman who has it all together – looks, hair, skin, body, education, career, motherhood, marriage, life in general. But that ain’t us.

You know that jaw dropping feeling when someone introduces unknown flaws to you? The feeling where you’re told that your hair isn’t straight enough? Your skin isn’t flawless or light enough? Your waist isn’t small enough? Perhaps you aren’t pretty enough? Your mother or your boyfriend likes to remind you of how much you’ll never be enough for anyone? Maybe you haven’t. Maybe you’re just a new mom. You feel inadequate and bloated. Throughout the years, LaJune has experienced a few of these moments. Here is a link to the most recent, personal testimony of LaJune:

Since giving birth to her then, 2 year old, she’s struggled with her extra “baggage”. She was never comfortable with her new found “Mom body”. Coming from a person who LOVED being in front of the camera, to hiding everything but her face, this was extremely difficult. LaJune began to notice that her friends, who were smaller than her, shared the same insecurities. Anytime she’d express her disgust for her body, there was always someone saying “weight looks good on you.” Wait, what? That’s impossible.

Since July of 2013, LaJune has decided to love, accept and OWN every insecurity. What better way to do that, than to make other women feel the same??!! Through portraiture! We don’t PHOTOSHOP. Now, she and other professional women mentor teens. This is just the beginning.

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