Dem Benton Boys and Their Parents

Well, well, well! Can you believe this?!? Guess who was our first official client of 2017?!? None other than the Benton Family! Believe it or not, they’ve shot with me before. We decided to keep it casual and spend the morning downtown. Sean was on point the entire shoot. It’s usually Chase. It’s okay. He was feeling under the weather. These boys were styled by their mama, herself – House Of Merci – Fashion Stylist and Closet Organizer. Check them out below.


Once I saw Sean wasn’t here to play, I began to shoot the family. You have to get them when they’re ready. Drew took a few shots as well. I’m a candid type of shooter. I tend to catch true emotion. Very few images are posed. That comes from a personal preference. I never want my smile to feel forced. I’m sure my clients can appropriate the same effortless pressure. See them as a family, candidly.


Lastly and purposely, we share the couple. They recently celebrated another wedding anniversary (streamers, confetti, and balloons)!! We love to support our couples’ milestones. It’s so hard for people to stay in love these days. Or find it, for that matter. Meet a man who is crazy about his woman. Who loves her booty so much, that even I know that. We played a game where she’d tug on his beard. The first time, it was a bit rough. We chuckled. He didn’t.  They then danced, he made sure she was right and I just kept shooting. My camera.


..and voila! Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentine’s Day to The Bentons. Thank you for setting an example for many other black married couples in your community.


Styling: House Of Merci

photography: photosbyLJK, LLC


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