What Does Black History Mean To You?!? (For Mature Audiences)

…Watermelon, slavery, fried chicken, kool-aid, nappy ass hair and ashy, dark skin some may say.

Depending on what day you catch me, I may argue your stereotypes. Dr. Carter  G. Woodson, created Negro History Week in February of 1926. The intent of Negro History Week was so that black Americans could be CELEBRATED and highlighted for their accomplishments, during the second week of February. Dr. Woodson saw potential in blacks as they could benefit everyone, politically. Based on our past and present day, our names were usually brought up in a negative and demeaning light.

Black History Month became officially recognized by the US government in 1976.

Black History isn’t about me sugar coating what my relatives and ancestors went through before me. Or what I’ve gone through.


Real life: my child knows what we went through and what we’re going through. Unapologetically.

Black History isn’t me getting out of my car for the next person to bump their alarm, on a car that I want.

Real life: Nobody wants your car, or what is inside of it. Go wash it.


Black History isn’t me walking to my car, passing another woman to clutch her purse.

Fun fact: It takes me more energy to reassure you that I’m not checking for you, by zipping up my own wallet. 


Black History isn’t me choosing a gated community to raise my son in because I wanted him to be around white kids.

Real life: I can afford your same luxuries. And then some.

Black History isn’t the lady 3 doors down locking her door every time I go outside to wait for my son’s school bus to pick him up.

It’s much easier to introduce yourself than it is to be a penis. 

Black History isn’t me being called a black bitch because that’s the best thing you could think of with your history of wealth, education and bragged about success.

Real talk: “Who You Calling A …? U N I T Y…”!! After you called me that, I guarantee my response had me on your brain all day. Be kind.

Black History isn’t me keeping my mouth shut, because you don’t want to hear what I have to say.


Black History isn’t me thinking you owe me everything in the world.

I know I have to work harder than you. I get this. So I do so. 

Black History isn’t me paying for my groceries with food stamps and having babies after babies with no job, because I want you to support me.

Black History isn’t me being fearful of you simply because you believe that you’re better than me. I’m no longer for sale.

Black History isn’t about inclusion of all races because you don’t want others feeling left out for 1 month.

Black History isn’t telling children that all cops are good and all lives matter when you treat a dog better than you’d treat someone of color.

Black History isn’t me bleaching my skin because you told me I was ugly as a dark skinned.


Black History isn’t black people singling out other black people based on their color or hair texture.


It’s bad enough that we have to get this from other races. Uplift and empower your fellow black man and woman. They want to see us divided. 

Black History isn’t cannibalism.

Eye roll: We fucking eat food. 


Black History isn’t me feeling like I have nothing to prove.

Fact check: I have to prove myself to someone every single day I walk out of my house. Not because I choose to, but because we are not equal. And we never will be. 

It’s 2017, I have never been arrested. I do have a couple of speeding tickets on my record. A couple. I’ve never done drugs in my life. Well, sleeping meds. I’ve never had a mugshot or been to jail, but I have been pulled over 35795468953699 times because of the color of my skin. A pretty black girl in a 2 door coupe with guess the ef what… Chrome rims and a 10inch sub-woofer. Although cops racial profiled my then boyfriend (now husband) and myself, they’d never pulled a gun on us or tackle us to the ground. They did however, let us know that they’d pulled us over just because they saw us. Yes, because they saw us. I always say that if the early 2000’s were today, I’d be a memory.

I shouldn’t have to communicate that I’m educated with a 4 yr college degree for anyone to give me a pass.


Church for black people is more than praise and worship. It’s a chance for those that were/are enslaved and suppressed to be free and speak to Jesus about the bondage they are dealing with at the time. Church is a place to plan for change and seek clarity on the thoughts and actions you think are needed to end the racial divide.

Black History is Hip hop to a degree. Hip hop is our culture. Everybody else embraces hip hop as their own but fail to stay down when black lives are taken from us so tragically, due to injustice.

The dancing is cute, but save it if you can’t speak up for a culture that you claim as your own. Remember who taught you how to speak, dab, lean, jig, shade and salute others with gestures of endearment.

So, yes. We still fight every single day and we’re pretty tired. We’ve earned the right to be here just as anyone else. We hold up our fists and wear dashikis, not because we hate, but because we love who we are. We’re entitled to do so.

Black History is #44, President Barack Obama. Thank you for your services. You’ve made it clear to my son that he can be whatever he wishes. My child is truly HAPPY for #44.

Black History is Emmett Till, Malcolm X, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Terence Crutcher, Trayvon Martin, Mike Brown, Sandra Bland, Alton Sterling, Philando Castile and so many more.


If this rushed through your heart, then you understand that it’s okay to say, “Black Lives Matter”.


Enjoy a few of the hundreds of photos our family took in Washington, D.C. below.

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7 Replies to “What Does Black History Mean To You?!? (For Mature Audiences)”

  1. Black History is THIS. Great read and personal insight. The perspective of someone who is black and living the same American Dream as the non blacks, is paramount!

    Blog On Sister

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