What Does Black History Mean To You?!? (For Mature Audiences)

...Watermelon, slavery, fried chicken, kool-aid, nappy ass hair and ashy, dark skin some may say.

Jesus does His thing, when He’s ready. 

Not so oldie, goody.

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A few days ago, a friend reached out to myself, my brother and seester. She’d told us about the horribleness that had just happened to her father. Without blinking she thought of Isaac. My brother has been on dialysis for over a year now. He’s in need of a kidney. Life may be happening for ppl, while life is really happening to others. I’ve prayed. We’ve all prayed. Pieces of my fast is for his health. God allows me to speak to Him candidly about what I want for my brother.

Earlier today, she said her goodbyes to dad. And with that, she’s allowed my brother to have more hellos with his family. As Averi called me crying the other night, I reassured her that it’s time. We all need to be ready. God is giving Isaac another opportunity to be fucking great. I told my brother the same thing…

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Buck -A-Pound Fundraiser 

You know what is the entire devil?!? Those freaking Kroger brownies. Hell, HEB has them as well. I love taking pictures but I don't photoshop anyone. Not even myself.  We've decided to hold each other accountable for the moth of February.  I'm sticking to the fact that the fast we did was so out of … Continue reading Buck -A-Pound Fundraiser